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Preparing the hole for the plant, and planting


Follow this planting instruction to provide your plants with the best possible care. Diameter of the planting hole 1.5 to 2 times the root ball diameter and no deeper than the root ball. When unloading the plants, only lift the plants by the root ball. Not by the trunk. DO NOT PLANT TOO DEEP! The top of the root ball must be at least 5 cm above the level of the soil around it. Leave the hessian and mesh around the root ball. They protect the root ball during planting and will quickly decompose. Fill the planting hole and compact the soil by stepping on it. If anchoring is necessary, the tree stakes have to be put in place before the planting hole is filled.



Large trees/plants must be anchored. Insert 2 or 3 tree stakes just outside the root ball. Use a wide tree tie that does not cut into the trunk. Remember that the trunk will grow and the tie will have to be adjusted.



After planting, make a soil berm (levee) that will retain the water, approx. 15-20 cm in height with a diameter that is slightly less than the diameter of the root ball. Water the root ball. The levee will allow the water to seep slowly into the root ball. Water the plant immediately after replanting it. Make sure that the root ball does not dry out! Check the moisture content in the soil/root ball at least once a week, even during rainy weather. The soil must remain moist, but must not be too wet.