This is the secret of Brabant-based Smits Tree Nurseries

Every type of plant and tree has its own unique characteristics. We know exactly how to deal with these characteristics in order to bring out the best in a species. This means that each and every plant and tree becomes exceedingly strong and stunning in its simplicity. This is achieved through the way in which we work, our many years of experience, the soil in which we grow our plants and trees (at our tree nursery close to Breda) and, above all, our own employees, who are passionate about what they do. We supply various species, sizes and shapes of trees and hedges. Large and small, wide and narrow, single and multi-stemmed, in a specific shape (topiary), or simply in their natural form. In addition to our plants and trees at our Brabant-based tree nursery, we can also put together complete plant lists. We have our own branch in the UK and, using our own fleet and drivers, we deliver throughout Europe.

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A large family of passionate growers

We are a family business, which means we work slightly differently. We put our heart into our work. A green heart, that is. Everyone is fully committed to the nursery, the products and above all, our customers. We are always here to help you.

Our solutions

Top-quality hedges

Up to ten metres in height and of the highest quality because of our special growing technique.

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Multi-stemmed trees

A trend seen in recent years. Multi-stemmed trees look good in every garden.

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In-house logistics

Because it requires experience, knowledge and skills to transport, load and unload plants and trees correctly.

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A beech hedge for a real estate project in Dordrecht

After this client’s visit to Smits Tree Nurseries, Smits Hedging® was chosen. And more specifically, Fagus sylvatica. This beech hedge immediately looks mature and it provides the privacy that the occupants require.

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‘Blue Prince’ for a cloud hedge in the gardens of a villa in Belgium

The cloud hedging is a distinctive feature of this garden. Our client chose Smits Cloud Hedging® Ilex meserveae ‘Blue Prince’. A multi-stemmed Betula utilis ‘Doorenbos’ was added to accentuate the cloud hedge.

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our brochure

Sometime it’s nicer to have something to browse through, from front to back (and vice versa). You can find all our products and more information about the Smits nursery in Molenschot in our brochure.

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