Smits Nursery grows conifers in different sizes, as solitary trees, for hedges and borders. Conifers are easy, sturdy, evergreen and fast-growing. This makes them ideal for hedging and topiary. Our conifer range includes Thuja plicata (Western red cedar), Cupressocyparis leylandii (Leyland cypress), Pseudotsuga (Douglas fir), Sequoiadendron (giant sequoia), Tsuga (hemlockfir) and Pinus varieties (see pines).

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Our Thuja plicata Excelsa

Thuja plicata

A selection of our conifers

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Provision of all plants for the gardens of a villa in Blaricum

For the unique design of this garden, in consultation with the client, Smits Tree Nurseries was asked to provide all plants for the garden. Customisation with a fantastic result.

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Garden planting for the renovation of a garden in Veghel

The plant list for this garden’s planting plan was supplied in full by Smits Tree Nurseries. The use of Pinus sylvestris, cloud hedging using Osmathus heterophyllus (Smits Cloud hedging®), plus a wide range of perennials creates an ambient result.

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