Hedging plants

Smits Nursery specialises in hedging plants. Hedges often form the framework of a garden or park, it enhancesthe desired sightlines and providesprivacy. We offer hedging plantsin all varieties and sizes, to suit any city garden or park. Our range includes Taxus (English yew), Carpinus (hornbeam), Fagus (beech), Acer campestre (field maple), Ilex (holly), Buxus (boxwood), Ligustrum (privet), Prunus laurocerasus (common laurel), Prunus lusitanica (Portuguese laurel) and Osmanthus.

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Our Taxus Baccata hedging plant

Taxus baccata haagplanten worden geïnspecteerd

Our Fagus Sylvatica hedging plant

Close-up fagus sylvatica bladeren

A selection of our hedging plants

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A beech hedge for a real estate project in Dordrecht

After this client’s visit to Smits Tree Nurseries, Smits Hedging® was chosen. And more specifically, Fagus sylvatica. This beech hedge immediately looks mature and it provides the privacy that the occupants require.

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Planting of a holly hedge in the vicinity of Zolder

To create privacy, a high Ilex meserveae ‘Blue Princess’ hedge was chosen to line this driveway. The dense, instant, hedging plants immediately provide natural privacy.

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