Smits Hedging ®

The hedging elements are pruned squarely, giving an immediate closed hedge, and allowing them to be placed in any garden. They are available in a variety of types and sizes: widths from 40 to 100 cm and heights from 60 to 400 cm. Smits Nursery specialises in compact and larger hedging elements. Because of our growing method, fewer plants are needed per metre.

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The new owner can immediately enjoy a mature hedge

Our hedging elements can count on the best possible care. Resulting in beautifully mature hedging elements that, as a horticultural professional, you can use in a garden to give a mature appearance. The new owner can immediately enjoy a mature hedge. The hedging elements are available in different species and sizes. In widths of 40 to 100 centimetres. And in heights of 60 to 400 centimetres.

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Taxus Smits Hedging®

Een veld met rijen Smits Hedging® taxus baccata haagplanten

Fagus Sylvatica Smits Hedging®

Smits Hedging Fagus sylvatica

Smits Hedging® examples


A beech hedge for a real estate project in Dordrecht

After this client’s visit to Smits Tree Nurseries, Smits Hedging® was chosen. And more specifically, Fagus sylvatica. This beech hedge immediately looks mature and it provides the privacy that the occupants require.

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Planting of a holly hedge in the vicinity of Zolder

To create privacy, a high Ilex meserveae ‘Blue Princess’ hedge was chosen to line this driveway. The dense, instant, hedging plants immediately provide natural privacy.

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Smits Hedging® from Smits Tree Nurseries

We invest a lot of time in these hedging elements, ensure good soil conditions and apply our knowledge and experience. Day after day. And the result is impressive: incredibly strong, dense and full hedging elements. We supply these special hedging elements in various heights and widths. From 40 to 100 centimetres in width. And from 60 to 400 in height.

And the great thing is that we give our customers the same level of care that we give to our hedging plants. We believe it is important to make things as easy as possible for you. That is why we have an in-house logistics team, enabling us to even transport our plants abroad. In addition to hedging plants, we also supply complete plant lists. We are very familiar with the market and therefore know where to find the highest quality.