Smits Cloud Hedging®

With Smits Cloud Hedging®, we can supply specifically grown cloud plants for an instant cloud hedge. There is a choice of different varieties and sizes. This allows you, as a horticultural professional, to immediately create an end result in a garden.

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Our Osmanthus burkwoodii cloud

Osmanthus burkwoodii cloud pruned

Examples of Smits Cloud Hedging®

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A beech hedge for a real estate project in Dordrecht

After this client’s visit to Smits Tree Nurseries, Smits Hedging® was chosen. And more specifically, Fagus sylvatica. This beech hedge immediately looks mature and it provides the privacy that the occupants require.

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Planting of a holly hedge in the vicinity of Zolder

To create privacy, a high Ilex meserveae ‘Blue Princess’ hedge was chosen to line this driveway. The dense, instant, hedging plants immediately provide natural privacy.

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