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    Rimpelaar 49,
    5124 RB Molenschot
    The Netherlands
    Smits tree nurseries Ltd
    Dorney Court
    SL4 6QP

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    Our branches

    Locatie Nederland

    Branch in the Netherlands

    Our site in the Netherlands is located in beautiful Brabant. You will find our branch at Rimpelaar 49 in Molenschot. Here our customers can see for themselves how well we take care of our trees and plants.

    Branch in England

    Our English branch is located in Windsor, in the English county of Berkshire, which borders south-west London. The nursery is at Dorney Court, Dorney, SL4 6QP United Kingdom. This unique nursery specialises in container-grown hedging plants and a wide range of topiary trees and multi-stemmed trees.

    our brochure

    Sometime it’s nicer to have something to browse through, from front to back (and vice versa). You can find all our products and more information about the Smits nursery in Molenschot in our brochure.

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