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    Rimpelaar 49,
    5124 RB Molenschot
    The Netherlands
    Smits tree nursery Ltd
    Dorney Court
    SL4 6QP

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    Our branches

    Locatie Nederland

    Branch in the Netherlands

    Our site in the Netherlands is located in beautiful Brabant. You will find our branch at Rimpelaar 49 in Molenschot. Here our customers can see for themselves how well we take care of our trees and plants.

    Locatie Nederland

    Branch in England

    Our English branch is located in Windsor, in the English county of Berkshire, which borders south-west London. The nursery is at Dorney Court, Dorney, SL4 6QP United Kingdom. This unique nursery specialises in container-grown hedging plants and a wide range of topiary trees and multi-stemmed trees.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many hedge plants do I need per metre?

    Choosing the right quantities of hedge plants is often custom work. Our nursery’s hedge plants are distinctive and are grown remotely. As a result, fewer plants are often needed per meter for the desired end result. We are happy to help you find a suitable solution for every desired hedge, from small to large. If you want advice, please contact us and receive a quote immediately. We are also at your disposal for tips on plant size, clouds, double hedges and choice of assortment.

    Do you also supply plants to individuals?

    No, we only deliver to landscape/garden professionals and trading companies. Of course you are also very welcome as a private person in the company of your gardener or landscape architect.

    Can I select the trees on-site at the nursery with the client?

    Yes that is possible. We have a wide range of trees and plants and for beautiful garden projects. It goes without saying that looking and researching with your customer is possible.

    Can you also supply plants in the summer?

    Yes, we have a container field with a size of more than 3 hectares. Here we grow a wide range of multi-stem and solitary plants in containers and airpots. We also have a wide range of potted hedge plants at our location in Oirschot. This enables us to deliver for more complex projects, so that we’re available for your planting needs all year round.

    Can I remove the jute bag and the mesh that is around the root ball?

    No, we advise not to do this. This keeps the roots and clod together. The advantage is that the roots are not damaged and can retain moisture for longer. This root ball provides the tree with a familiar environment for easy regrowth in its new location. This material will therefore quickly decompose in the soil.

    If the gauze and jute are removed, there is a good chance that the root ball will fall apart and the roots will be damaged. This can lead to poor regrowth or death of the tree or shrub.

    Do you supply complete planting lists?

    Supplying complete planting lists is part of our specialism. In addition to a wide range of our own, we have an extensive network for the implementation of complete planting plans and landscape/garden projects. Of course, with our own logistics services, we ensure that the plants are properly delivered to any desired location throughout Europe.

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