Smits Nursery is innovative in the cultivation and pruning of Taxus (English yew), Carpinus (hornbeam), Prunus lusitanica (Portuguese laurel), Osmanthus, Ilex (holly) and green- and red-leaved Fagus (beech) in shapes. The English name for shapes is topiary. Almost all shapes are available, such as round ball, flat ball, cone, cube, pyramid, and beehive. Using topiaries, the style and architecture of homes and business premises can be enhanced so that even more character can be added. They are living works of art.

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Our Taxus beehive

Taxus bijenkof topiary

Our dome form

Carpinus betulus bol topiary

A selection of our topiary forms

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Castle garden Mirwart

The client visited the nursery to choose plants for this castle’s garden. Taxus beehives were chosen to line the driveway up to the castle.

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“Plants for pots and containers”

We supply a large range of products suitable for pots and containers meaning customers have a wide choice. This client uses Pinus mugo dome form, multi-stemmed Osmanthus heterophyllus and Pinus sylvestris.

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