Smits Nursery is innovative in the cultivation and pruning of Taxus (English yew), Carpinus (hornbeam), Prunus lusitanica (Portuguese laurel), Osmanthus, Ilex (holly) and green- and red-leaved Fagus (beech) in shapes. The English name for shapes is topiary. Almost all shapes are available, such as round ball, flat ball, cone, cube, pyramid, and beehive. Using topiaries, the style and architecture of homes and business premises can be enhanced so that even more character can be added. They are living works of art.

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The trees from our topiary tree nursery can be recognised by their defined shape

Our topiary trees are easily recognisable from their ultra-defined shapes. These are often (geometric) shapes, such as balls, cubes, pyramids, cones and beehives. In addition to its defined shape, the quality of the plant, such as its strength, fullness and density, make it a true Smits topiary tree. Curious what these trees look like? Come and take a look at the Smits topiary trees at our nursery!

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Our Taxus beehive

Taxus bijenkof topiary

Our dome form

Carpinus betulus bol topiary

A selection of our topiary forms


Castle garden Mirwart

The client visited the nursery to choose plants for this castle’s garden. Taxus beehives were chosen to line the driveway up to the castle.

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“Plants for pots and containers”

We supply a large range of products suitable for pots and containers meaning customers have a wide choice. This client uses Pinus mugo dome form, multi-stemmed Osmanthus heterophyllus and Pinus sylvestris.

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Typical topiary trees grown by Smits Nurseries

You have topiary trees … and you have Smits topiary trees. There are various differences. First of all, our employees. They are professionals. Not only do our employees who are involved in topiary have a lot of knowledge about the plant, they are also perfectionists. It just has to be perfect. And there is something else. Our urge to innovate. But only if that also results in an improvement. For example, we have developed a machine that can prune perfect dome forms. This enables us to supply large numbers of uniform domes. Ideal for large projects.

We therefore take good care of our topiary products. We care for and focus on our customers in that same way. We do everything we can to make things as easy as possible for our customers. There is a solution for every problem. That is our view. When we send a plant to its new owner after so many years, it is important to us that this is done properly. That is why we have an in-house logistics team. We have our own drivers, who know what they are transporting and the best way of handling these products. In addition to our topiary range, we also supply complete plant lists. Because of our many years of experience, we know exactly where to find the highest quality.