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Smits Tree Nurseries is a nursery with lots of ambition. A true Brabant family business with a focus on our plants and employees. Our approach means we are able to supply top-quality products.

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This is what we stand for

Smits stands for sustainability. This is reflected in our nursery and in our employees. Quality and innovation are important cornerstones. For example, we also handle our soil in a sustainable manner. Because healthy soil produces the highest quality trees and plants. Working sustainably is not just about our products. It’s also about our employees and the way in which they work. Manual work is increasingly being taken over by harvesting, pruning and planting machines. This makes the work lighter and more enjoyable for our specialists.

Our branches

Locatie Nederland

Branch in the Netherlands

Our site in the Netherlands is located in beautiful Brabant. You will find our branch at Rimpelaar 49 in Molenschot. Here our customers can see for themselves how well we take care of our trees and plants.

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Branch in England

Our English branch is located in Windsor, in the English county of Berkshire, which borders south-west London. The nursery is at Dorney Court, Dorney, SL4 6QP United Kingdom. This unique nursery specialises in container-grown hedging plants and a wide range of topiary trees and multi-stemmed trees.

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Our team

Johan Smits - Eigenaar
Johan Smits
Owner +31 (0) 161 432001
Brenda Swinkels
Sales Director +31 (0) 6 51381758
Martijn van Bavel
Business Controller +31 (0) 6 46060053
Jan van Vechel - Hoofd verkoop, verkoop V.K.
Jan van Vechel
Head of sales UK +31 (0) 6 12867291
Juliette van Dongen - Verkoop V.K.
Juliette van Dongen
Sales UK +31 (0) 6 12134583
Tim van Velthoven
Sales UK +31 (0) 6 82486505
Sales - the Netherlands +31 (0) 6 45912022
Joost Oude Alink
+31 (0) 6 83216850
Martijn van Gorp - Verkoop Duitsland, Zwitserland, Oostenrijk, Inkoop
Martijn van Gorp
Sales Germany, Switzerland, Austria, +31 (0) 6 30923525
Joost Cosman
Sales Germany, Switzerland, Austria, +31 (0) 6 45306127
Stijn de Tollenaere
Stijn de Tollenaere
Sales Belgium, France +32 (0) 471852361
Thomas van Looveren
Sales Belgium, France +32 (0)472668510
Dennis Wirken
Procurement +31 (0) 6 83868325
Tom van Kuijck - Inkoop
Tom van Kuijck
Procurement +31 (0) 6 82516528
Corne van Arendonk -
Corne van Arendonk
Logistics +31 (0) 6 12973310
Cris Smits - Controller
Cris Smits
Controller +31 (0) 161 432001
Marcel van Acht - ICT
Marcel van Acht
ICT +31 (0) 6 82326299
Bram van Overloop
Bram van Overloop
Head of the Nursery +31 (0) 6 12973311
Roy Heestermans
Chief Pot Culture +31 (0) 6 10578264
Jurgen de Roover
Jurgen de Roover
Technology +31 (0) 6 44619628
Foto met het hele Smits team
Smits Team